65 Year PDO – Pacific Decadal Oscillation

Prof. Easterbrook has mapped out the periodic rise and fall of temperatures in Greenland during the last 500 years and found it matches pretty well with the alternating warm and cold periods of the 65 year Pacific Decadal Oscillation (Wikipedia).

The cause of the ice ages is well known and due primarily to the Milankovitch cycles (Wikipedia). Yet these cycles are extremely long: 26 thousand years, 41 thousand years and 100 thousand years, and they all drive the 140 thousand year ice cycles. However, all of these cycles are extremely long in human scale and tell us little about the change we experience during a human lifetime. For this we go to the shorter cycles such as El Nino (~7 years) and the PDO (~65 years)

He then goes on to make his own predications about our current situation that are remarkably different from the IPCC alarming predictions.

Current global warming in context

Recent study of the South China sea shows that the current global warming trend is well below normal even for the last 2500 years.


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