Arctic Sea Ice extent is rapidly diminishing

You see this one a lot. The arctic is shrinking.

Or is it. Once again, they have cherry picked a starting point in order to make a powerful graphic that fully conforms to the narrative. But we have more data than that. Just look at what the preceding 10 years tell us. We get a totally different message that doesn’t fit the narrative at all. And I have a whole section on Sea Ice that is worth exploring because we have almost a century of data and the presence of natural cycles is quite evident if you have enough data. In this case, you need at least 60 years of data in order to be able to see the 30 years of warming and the 30 years of cooling for a typical cycle.

You can find my own graphic in the chapter on Sea Ice – Sea Ice. and where I am getting my data. The downward trend in recent years is very similar to a previous downward period. Compare 1990-2018 to the period 1930-1970. It is very annoying that NSIDC omitted the early period of the satellite data in their data sets, show in the above graph, leaving a gap where the sea ice grew in extent.

I would like to end this by showing once again, MASIE. There is no apparent rapid destruction of northern sea ice, just natural variation.


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