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Originally I was exploring the idea of a separate utility trailer from the tiny house. It made sense because there is no garage or basement in a tiny house so where to put the utilities? How do you keep your water storage from freezing in the winter? Also, putting solar […]

Early draft, but this concept is attractive to me because it offers lots of windows and allows the windows to be closed and covered with thermal insulating shutters. This would reduce the heat loss when it is very cold out and would also allow the unit to be closed up […]

Simple shower stall that folds up to have only a 10″ depth from the wall. It is 30″ wide so the front doors swing out to make side walls giving it an overall dimension of 35″x29″ when open and being used as a shower. I placed an enclosed cabinet containing […]

Here is my concept for a queen size bed that uses the tri-fold mattress. To convert from daytime to night time use, you just pull out the base away from the wall and the back rest hinges down to form the bed platform. Simple and quick. So here is a […]

This is one of my ideas for a 6×12 full height cargo trailer camper conversion. Kitchen in the back, where it can be accessed from inside or outside, convertible bed & sitting area in the middle and a stand up shower and composting toilet in the front, separate from the […]

Trying to visualize a simple and light bed structure that can morph into a table and benches for day use. Simple boxes underneath for storage. Convert to bed. Drop table down into footwell and spread out cushions into a mattress. And there is also this interesting arrangement which makes a […]