College Is Not A Daycare | Everett Piper and Stefan Molyneux – YouTube


With the rise of postmodernism across the intellectual landscape and the ongoing propaganda ongoing in many western universities, the objective nature of truth is under attack by the most depraved aspects of modern society. Dr. Everett Piper joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the importance of objective ethics, the infection of postmodernism on college campuses, the rise of ad hominem attacks and the erosion of the foundations which built western civilization.

Moral absolutism, Conscience, Critical thinking, Objective Rationality

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” Emblazoned across many libraries throughout the western world

Classical liberalism was the pursuit of Liberty that was grounded in those time-tested truths.

Declaration of Independence languageĀ  – those self-evident truths that are endowed to us by our Creator.

The pursuit of truth not the construction of opinions.


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Wed Oct 25 , 2017