Concept – Off Grid Greenhouse

Originally I was exploring the idea of a separate utility trailer from the tiny house. It made sense because there is no garage or basement in a tiny house so where to put the utilities? How do you keep your water storage from freezing in the winter? Also, putting solar panels on the roof means the tiny house has to be sitting away from trees and I wanted mine to be nestled in among the trees where it is shady. That is not so good for solar panels. Some people solve this by placing their panels at some distance on a structure.

So, once you get thinking about a utility trailer, it is easy to imagine it also including some aspect of a greenhouse for growing food. Essentially a self sustaining off-grid greenhouse. Modern aquaponics requires power and control over the environment and can yield great results from a small area. A small tiny house could easily feed a family with fruits, vegetables and protein (trout farm), all year round. Very sustainable and self sufficient. The idea originated from the need to design a small utility trailer that can house the solar panels, all the electrics and water and waste management.

These are preliminary sketches and you can see that I am trying to figure out how to protect the solar panels and greenhouse glass windows from the elements. A nice shiny day is one thing but in the dead of winter, when the sun goes down, you can lose a lot of heat through those windows. Why not cover them at night with a lightweight shutters. For that matter, they could also stay closed during storms during the day as well. This would help protect the solar panels from snow loads when they are not in use. When it stops snowing and the sun comes out. Open up the panels again. We have power there so it should be possible to have these open and close automatically with electric actuators.


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