Misrepresentation and Fraud

Fraud might appear to be an overly strong word to apply to the use of misleading information, but because the misrepresentation of the truth is so deliberate and carefully calculated, we have to call it for what it is. There is nothing inadvertent in these claims.

Tony Heller has done a lot of great research in this regard so I would like to start with his work and build on that. Here is a recent graphic depicting the indicators for the alarming climate change.

Click on any of the following graphics to see more information about it.

US Heat waves

Actual historical heat wave overlaid with a clear attempt at misrepresentation. See more details here – US heat waves are on the rise.

US Forest Fires

Actual historical fire losses overlaid with a clear attempt at misleading. See more details here – US Forest Fires are on the rise.

Arctic Ice

Intentionally skipping over sea ice growth and only showing a period of decline. See more details here – Arctic Sea Ice extent is rapidly diminishing


US Temperature record

Tampered data showing runaway warming vs actual temperature readings showing a cooling since the 30’s. See more details here – US Temperatures are on the rise

Sea level

Portraying something that has been happening this way for a long time as something that is recent and is caused by the burning of fossil fuels. See more details here – US Sea Levels are on the rise.


Start your exploration of Climate Fraud with this first section – US heat waves are on the rise.


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