How the Financial Reset Will Impact You (ENCORE) | Lynette Zang (Jun 19 18) – YouTube

Important topic and may be my next focus for research. How will be impacted as a struggling individual.

Mortgages, loans, and even property taxes will erode the value of leveraged fixed assets like car and home. Need for some liquidity, ie gold/silver to handle the changing payment obligations or you can lose your assets. ie you could lose your job and source of income to meet debt obligations. Gold is better but some silver is easier to liquidate for small currency conversions.

A side note, seems to me that Gold maintains its world value against your countries inflationary currency, but wouldn’t holding exchange currencies do the same, ie hold US dollars, chinese, EU.

Assets based on govt controlled fiat currency will most likely be lost such as deposits, cash, investments, retirement savings.

Best assets are income producing farmland, collectibles???, commercial realestate



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