Le Pen and Macron – what’s the difference? – France – RFI

Source: Le Pen and Macron – what’s the difference? – France – RFI

Interesting summary of the differences between these two. I find that they are both orbiting the centre. And I find that Le Pen’s stance on immigration policy pretty much matches what Canada already has in place. Not at all radical. Plus I now think that nationalism is a good thing. We are a tribal species and we are happiest when surrounded by like persons in terms of socio-economics and politics. The leftist inability to tolerate any difference of opinion is absolute proof of that.


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Eric Duhaime: France's media bias hides Le Pen momentum - YouTube

Mon Apr 24 , 2017
This is so interesting. The mainstream media are united in their proclamation of Macron before the final ballots are in. This is so reminiscent of the landslide Clinton victory that they proclaimed in USA before Trump won. Now I wonder how it will play out.