Mann Hockey Stick

Any discussion of fraud in the climate change topic has to start with the most famous examples of fraud – the Mann Hockey Stick.

The famous hockey stick graph produced by Mann. Compare this graph to any of the other graphs I have included here for the past 1000 years. They all look nothing like this graph.
The push back against data tampering goes way back to the beginning with Mann’s erasure of the medieval warm period. The original temperature graph did not support the CO2 narrative properly so by cooling the past, the present day warming trend starts to look scary, and now you have the famous hockey stick of climate change.
Older version of the 1880-1970 before the data tampering. Clearly show record highs for 1939 which has been removed from all modern records. Compare the almost vertical line in the previous graph to this one for the period 1880-1950. They don’t look at all alike.

Dr. Tim Ball, a Canadian, with an actual Phd in Climate


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Sun Sep 29 , 2019