“NO WONDER WE DON’T TRUST YOU!” Ben Shapiro SLAMS Time Magazine’s WELCOME TO AMERICA Cover – YouTube


Photoshopped drama to hijack people’s feelings.  Yet could they have picked a worse example? This lady grabbed her child and left her husband and three children behind. Her husband said on Twitter that he didn’t even know she was doing this. She wasn’t seeking asylum as she had already been deported previously. At no time was her child separated from her. The border guards in their written report said the child was crying from being tired and hungry. Obviously from the ordeal that her mother was putting her through.

Separation of children from parents is a very old issue and it is even being done in Canada. If you break the law, you and your children will be caught up by the system. The system will incarcerate you and your children will be separated from you. I am not even sure whether children should be separated from their parents or not. I was just reading about children that were incarcerated with their parents for over 6 years. How is that better? The right thing to do is not break the law and not put your children in harms way.


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Sun Jun 24 , 2018