(excerpt from transcript) 40% of Canadian households pay $0 taxes towards federally and provincially funded expenses such as education, health care, social services, Public Safety, national defense 20% of households in Canada pay more than 70% of those costs 40% of the households fell in the $0 – 80,843  dollar […]

Collectivism vs Individualism … you get it wrong, and the bodies pile up – well said Stefan. Stefan’s masters thesis examined every philosopher’s belief system and everyone that believed in a higher realm, also believed that dictatorship was the ideal political form and every time they were empiricists, or Aristotelians, […]

Stefan does another great job of digging out all the relevant facts for a topical issue of the Prime Minister interfering with the judicial process leading into an election year. SNC-Lavelin importance in terms of the Quebec provincial election and the next federal election (fall 2019?) the timeline of Trudeau’s […]