SIP Wall Panels

SIPs, or structural insulated panels are an alternative to wall studs, yet offer similar possibilities for CNC fabrication and rapid assembly. They also offer superior insulation and are cost competitive to traditional stud walls. They offer the possibility of having very organic designs which break the box-design barrier.

A 4″ wall will provide R20 and this can be bumped to R30 by adding an additional 2″ of rigid styro outside, underneath the exterior cladding, which is similar to existing house construction. Roofing SIPs can easily be 8″ which provide R40.

What I like most about SIP construction is that you can prepare the panels ahead of time and quickly assemble them. Each panel is roughly a 100lbs which is manageable by a two person crew and they can erect walls and roofing in a matter of hours. The electrical wiring can be planned for ahead of time and prewired before assembly.

Corner Wall detail



Roof Ridge Beam Detail

Roof to Wall Joint Detail

Panel to Panel Joint Detail



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