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“left mcCarthyism” that has infected major media companies (sense making) and major tech companies who need to show they are in line with so-called progressive liberal ideas, and the intelligence community which scares me no end because

think that the problem is that a lot of this stuff is just actually disingenuous and they know it
we’re talking about the actual destruction of interesting and important

lives because the people who see this collectively view this as a hive if a few bees and a hive die it’s not like the hive actually collapses so because

of the collectivist framework they actually don’t see damages to individual
lives as particularly worthy of empathy

collectivism has this idea that the loss of a few individuals don’t matter

two models.  You can either try for your objectivity who can be honest about your biases. Both of those are much more similar to each other than this other thing is which is we know what the right answer is for society and it doesn’t really matter how we get to get there so what we’re going to do is we’re going to propose ideas that are and in an analogy there almost like suicide ideas. They’re ideas that are simply meant to be highly destructive so that you know if I say to you, well you know clearly a white man I can’t understand anything, and what I’ve just done is I’ve taken two of your attributes and I’ve shut you up or forced you to deal with this completely irrelevant argument you know for the next 90 minutes so this style of argumentation is is something that actually has to be excluded. If you want a diversity of opinion or opinions that actually matter. It’s very important not to seat people who think in these terms
at the table
there’s good diversity and there’s bad diversity and so what I analogized is in good diversities we have people who are of good character trying to puzzle through something, fighting very hard for their perspective. Bad diversity is where you have two people who grow up in countries that drive but they drive on opposite sides of the road and you decide that everybody is entitled to drive on the side of the road that they grew up of and feel comfortable with and all you get is auto accidents and so it’s very important to drive bad diversity out of the system because otherwise you never get to experience the benefits of the highly multicultural and interesting diverse society that we’ve managed to build for us


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