US Heat Waves are on the rise

You may have seen graphs that show heatwaves in the US are on the rise, all due to a warming planet and all because of the burning of fossil fuels, caused by man (apparently women are blameless for this one). Like the following:

But is it true. Once again we see cherry picking in evidence. This time it is the starting point. The 60’s. Are we to believe that prior to this, there were so few heat waves, that it wasn’t even worth recording them? Luckily, we have an extensive set of US land temperature data (USHCN) going back to the 1800’s so we can easily calculate that. Now that we have a complete picture, is there anything interesting about the starting point they chose? Yes. They skipped over a long period of much higher levels of heat waves and chose the lowest point in order to produce an upward spiral graph.

We can also go to the US land temperature database (HCN) and just count the number of days that were hot for any given year.

Now lets take a look at how 1934 compares to today for the American midwest.


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