US sea levels are on the rise

Sea levels are rising and it is all due to fossil fuels. They even have graphs showing sea level rising.

This is more a case of misleading by omission. It is an attempt to equate sea level rise with industrialization and the burning of fossil fuels. However, Sea levels have always been rising at this rate, and for a very long time and there is no change to this rate whatsoever in recent times. The industrial era and indeed, post world war extreme growth in the use of fossil fuels should be showing a bump in rate of sea level rise by now, but it just hasn’t appeared, just a steady constant sea level rise going back 10,000 years.

And if you go back over my chapter here on sea level, you can find out why the sea level is rising, how little it actually is rising and attempts to alter the data to make it appear that there is an acceleration in sea level rise, when all the readings are showing no acceleration.


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Tue Sep 24 , 2019